Our company was based on a simple idea: to become a broker that we ourselves have always wanted to trade with

We, the founders of Ventezo, are a team of experienced traders. We know what every trader wants. We know why it's important for you to get low spreads and high liquidity. We know why you want to use the best trading tools. We understand the importance and significance of regulation. We know this because we needed it ourselves.

That's why Ventezo gives you the best award-winning service.

Ventezo is run by a team of experienced traders, financiers and technologists. We strive to provide retail clients with the kind of service previously available only to institutional investors.

A wide range of trading instruments, innovative trading platform, maximum liquidity and 24/7 support is a reason for our team to be proud.


99.90% of all Transactions
is Executed Instantly

No Rejection of Orders
100% Guaranteed Performance

Execution of Orders

Implementation of Innovative
technologies to improve service quality

We created Ventezo to give customers the best trading conditions on the market. And we were able to achieve this thanks to a team of experienced professionals that we have assembled over many years, as well as regular investments in new technologies.

We know from experience how difficult it is for a trader to find a good broker and we strive to make it as easy as possible for you. We are 100% sure that Ventezo provides the most favorable conditions for clients and that you are well aware of it.

Our vision

Creating a platform where order execution won't cause customers to worry. We make every effort to provide quality and timely execution to help you achieve better results.

We are sure that high-quality execution, low spreads and no deposit and withdrawal fees are a significant advantage that all our clients get.

Our mission

Our goal is to create the best environment for trading in the financial markets, where each of our clients receives an unparalleled trading experience.

Our Values

Competitive Spreads

Ventezo cooperates with the world's best liquidity aggregators as well as the largest banks and non-banking institutions. Our clients receive transparent prices, low spreads and perfect order execution.

High-Level Supervision

Ventezo is not just a broker, but a full partner who is interested in your success.

We understand that successful trading requires a good education, proper market analysis and risk management. Whatever your level of knowledge, we are here to help and train you.

Essential for smooth trading

Safety of Funds

All Ventezo client funds are held in independent accounts, in accordance with regulatory rules. Ventezo does not have any access to customer funds. We cannot use your money for personal purposes.

Negative balance protection

Our ECN Business Model

Institutional Grade Pricing

Trading with us

Any trader, regardless of their knowledge and experience, can master the capabilities of our platform. We have created an environment where, thanks to trust and technology, beginners and experienced traders get the maximum profit.

Trading Server Locations


Ventezo's trading server is located in Equinix LD4 - in close proximity to our liquidity provider. Thanks to this good location, we are able to provide clients with order execution speeds as low as 0.1 ms.

HK2 (Hong Kong)

We have also placed our servers in Hong Kong to ensure maximum execution speed for our Asian clients. Thanks to this you get instant order execution with minimal delay.