Copy Trading System FAQ

Below we have collected the most common questions and answers about how to use the Copy System and what other opportunities it provides. If you still have a question about the Copy System, please learn this section.


What is the Ventezo Forex Copy system?

Who is a Copy Follower?

What do I need to become a Copy Follower?


How to create a Copy Master Account?

How to change fee?

How to add an additional fee offer?


How to become a Copy System Investor?

How much money should I have to start copying?


How to subscribe to the Copy Master?

Is application for subscription accepted automatically or should the Master confirm the Follower's application?

Can a follower unsubscribe from the selected Copy Master?

Can a Follower subscribe to multiple Copy Masters?

Can a Copy Master cancel the subscription of his follower?


Can a Follower modify or close copied deals?

Can a Follower choose the certain deals to copy from the Copy Master?

Where can I see the rating of all Copy Masters?


Is that free to use Ventezo Copy System?

How much money is needed to start copying the Master’s deals?

When will the funds for the subscription to the Master be debited?