Trade Cryptocurrencies with Ventezo

Ventezo allows every its client to trade whatever cryptocurrency in one account. More importantly, all the cryptocurrency tools available for Ventezo's clients can be quoted as the base against the US Dollar. You don’t need to spend your time undertaking sophisticated steps of purchasing them from exchanges and collecting in wallets. Actually, crypto leverage trading with reasonable pricing is feasible with Ventezo.

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Trading Products Specification

Symbol Name Digits Contract size Minimum spread (pips) Avg. spread (pips) Swap Short (pips) Swap Long (pips) Commission ($) Margin Percenteage
BTCUSD Bitcoin 3 1 50 62 -6 -6 $5 per lot 3.3%
ETHUSD Ethereum 3 1 2 3.4 -1 -2 $5 per lot 3.3%
LTCUSD Litecoin 3 1 2 3 -1 -2 $5 per lot 3.3%
BNBUSD BNB 3 1 0.2 0.32 -30 -30 $5 per lot 3.3%
BCHUSD Bitcoin Cash 3 1 2.1 2.6 -0.45 -0.45 $5 per lot 3.3%
DSHUSD DASH 2 1 1.5 3.5 -162 -162 $5 per lot 3.3%
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What is a Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies (Crypto) are digital currencies that are usually used to carry out more secure financial operations in a decentralised digital environment. Crypto CFDs trading with Bitcoin, Ripple XRP, Ethereum etc. constitutes a palpable advantage of the Ventezo platform where traders are not obliged to own any crypto, but can easily accumulate capital on their price changes.

Why Trade Crypto


Constantly growing interest of banks, investors, and consumers makes cryptocurrencies have experienced significant volatility. It is even more exciting.

24x7 Market Hours

The market works daily for 24 hours without holidays, weekends and centralized interference.

Improved Liquidity

Liquidity is vitally important, as it makes operation times quicker, pricing better and technical expertise clearly advanced.


Traders can open a position on ‘margin’ – using a deposit that constitutes a proportion of the total value of the trade.