Energy commodities prices continually vary with global economic changes and other factors and contribute to high splashes in prices of oil, electricity and other types of energy. Traders consider the limited supply of energy in comparison with a constantly increasing demand. This gives various trading opportunities.

Trade energies like WTI Crude Oil, Brent Crude and Natural Gas at Ventezo MT4 platform. You can enjoy the highest leverage on the market, the lowest margins, fees and commissions.

Commodity trading should never be expensive.

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Specification of Trading Products

SymbolNameContract sizeCommissionMarginSpreadTrading hours
NGAS Natural Gas 1 000 MmBtu $0 2% Floating Sun - Fri 22:00 - 21:00
XBRUSD Brent Crude Oil 1 000 Barrels $0 2% 2% Mon - Fri 00:00 - 21:00
XTIUSD WTI Crude Oil 1 000 Barrels $0 2% Floating Sun - Fri 22:00 - 21:00
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What Are Energies?

Energies are commonly considered as the asset class of Oil and its derivatives. Oil is usually expressed in U.S. dollars (“Petrodollar”), and unstable dollar usually provokes oil price increase, because the value of the currency directly affects the price of the good.

Large parts of the supply are controlled by oil-producing countries and that is why, they are able to define physical quantity of oil barrels that will be available in the market.

Energy trading is a globalized activity, 24-hours market with its prices with extensive movements. This is an excellent tool for day traders who look for quick motion and choose energy CFDs to trade as the easiest way.

Low commission fees

No overnight payments

Low Margin requirements

Intense price movements

Profound Liquidity

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How does Commodities Trading work?

When trading CFDs on commodities, it is unlikely possible to own the underlying asset of the CFD that are bought. Investors must speculate how the unbelievable market of goods will reflect an array of factors which influence on our everyday lives.

To speculate on goods price changes, you need to take into account reasons like the weather, trade disputes, wars, geopolitical movements and all environmental changes that can have an impact on goods prices and provoke market volatility.

Taking into account all mentioned above, you can speculate while the price of good you want to trade will rise or fall. Then, you can go long/buy or go short/sell with the aspiration to gain profit. Some of famous traded goods are Crude oil, Gold, Brent oil, Silver, Natural gas, Corn, Soybeans and Coffee.