Precious Metals

Actually, trading in precious metals, which is also known as safe-haven shares, suggests traders balancing their investment portfolios and seeking an anti-inflation hedge. Because of their inner value they are particularly valuable during times of economic uncertainty and instability. Do you want to enter the world of precious metals? Join Ventezo and start gaining stable and favorable trading experience with gold, silver and platinum.

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Specification of trading products

SymbolNameSize of contractCommission feesMarginSpreadTrading hours
XAU/USD Gold 100 Oz $10 0.65% Floating Mon - Fri 01:00 - 24:00
XAG/USD Silver 5 000 Oz $10 0.1% Floating Mon - Fri 01:00 - 24:00
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What are precious metals trading?

Trade with Gold, Silver and Palladium has always been essential for many traders or investors portfolio. Generally, metals are used to protect or hedge against political instability, dollar weakness, inflation and deflation.

Usually, traders call Precious Metals as safe-haven, because with any negative market conditions or circumstances Gold remains valuable whereas other shares are volatile. The global supply and demand have always played significant role for their value. As the demand increases prices of Metals rise. If the demand lowers, Precious Metals value declines. By the way, this effect is felt in the longer term, and does not change the short-term prices.

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