Negative Balance Protection

А risk management system that defends your account against a negative balance in the course of high market volatility and fierly changing events on the Forex market!

In a situation when market's changes and conjuncture become quickly unfavourable in the course of your trades, the client's trading account may fall below zero and become negative. In this case, guaranteeing you the protection from such grave movements Ventezo will never allow our clients to lose more money than they contribute.

Generally, the mechanism of the negative balance protection is the following: due to various trade factors you cannot stop your account balance goes negative, we will help you restoring your account balance to neutral (zero) as soon as possible for free. More importantly, the mechanism automatically works in cases the client’s account balance is negative.

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Ventezo is always client-oriented. It prioritizes support to every client in accumulating new trading experience by ensuring negative balance protection for all of them: clients, losing more than they originally invested, are guaranteed by our risk management system so that their balance is returned to the neutral point (zero). While the balance goes negative because of Stop Out, Ventezo with respect to their clients compensates the amount and restores the account balance at the neutral point (zero).


Can I lose more than I deposited? What will happen if the account's balance becomes negative?

Ventezo Support

Ventezo always provides its customers with the Negative Balance Protection service that is absolutely free. Your negative account balance is ensured to be automatically returned to zero.

Ventezo guarantees limited risk only to the financial means that you have invested into your account. Please, take it into consideration that negative balance protection does not include payments of debt obligation from the client. Respectively, our clients are protected from losses in surplus of their initial deposit.

Debt prevention

No losses more than initial deposit

Resets back to zero automatically

Cases where the account balance is vulnerable to a negative value can occur during palpable economic movements, when unexpected market changes dramatically affect the value of assets. Due to high volatility and price differences, the client may lose their capital. Ventezo compensates the account balance back to zero.

To fence your account from a negative balance, you can take the following precautionary measures:

Set your Stop Loss

Use leverage responsibly

Take care of your trading volume