PAMM Service FAQ


Are there any guarantees that a PAMM Manager will not lose my money?

There are no guarantees that PAMM Managers will definitely derive profit from managing investments within the framework of Ventezo PAMM system. The system is meant for ensuring technical interaction between managers and investors which includes entirely automated monitoring of PAMM Managers accounts, money crediting and refunding. Thus, the system guarantees your funds safety: they shall not be withdrawn by a PAMM Manager. Moreover, the system guarantees that you receive your funds from a PAMM Manager account at your first request within 30-60 minutes (depending at which exact moment between synchronizations you have sent a request demanding your funds back).

Can a PAMM Manager withdraw the funds I invested?

Where can I see the current profit that can be withdrawn from the PAMM Manager account?

Which personal details of an investor are visible for a PAMM Manager?

Which personal details of a PAMM Manager are visible for a PAMM investor?

What is the principle according to which the loss is divided between a manager and an investor?


Can I get a bonus to my PAMM Manager account?

Is it possible to register with the PAMM system an account to which a bonus has already been credited? And what shall happen to the bonus?


I am a PAMM investor; I have sent an investment acceptance request to a PAMM Manager. The PAMM Manager has neither accepted nor rejected it. What is the validity term of my request and when will the investment be transferred back to my trading account?

Can I invest bonus funds in a PAMM Manager account?

Can a PAMM investor cancel an investment acceptance request?