Introduce Your Friends

Invite your friends to Ventezo and get $100 each for you and your friend


Refer a Friend

Because together you will succeed faster

We give you the best trading conditions and we want you to recommend Ventezo to your friends. Invite your friends to our platform so each of you can get a bonus for your trading account.

How it works

Copy the affiliate link

You can get the link in the Partner Zone

Invite your friends

Each of them will get a 40% deposit bonus

Get your reward

For each friend you get $100 to your trading account

Get your friends to know about Ventezo

If there are people you know who are interested in trading the financial markets, tell them about Ventezo. When your friend opens an account on our platform, you will both receive rewards that will help you earn more. There are a few simple steps you need to take to get started.

Your reward can be as much as $2000.


Compensation Structure

Your friend's first deposit Your friend's trading volume
in 30 days
Your reward * Your Friend's Reward *
$200 to $2,000 5 $100 $100
$2,000 to $5,000 20 $500 $500
$5,000 to $20,000 200 $2,000 $2,000
Your Friend's Initial Deposit $200 to
$2 000
$2 000 to
$5 000
$5 000 to
$20 000
Your friend's trading volume in 30 days 5 20 200
Your reward * $100 $500 $2 000
Your Friend's Reward * $100 $500 $2 000

*Accept the terms

Let us know if your friend wants to deposit more than $20,000.

What can Ventezo give to your friend?

PAMM accounts

Ability to invest in the accounts of successful traders and receive passive income

Copying transactions

A system that allows your friend to copy profitable trades of other traders

+40% to deposit

We will increase the amount on your friend's deposit

Participation in competitions

Each of your invited friends can participate in competitions and win amazing prizes

Ventezo creates such a quality product that you can describe its benefits to your friends in just a few sentences.

How to get started


Open a real account at Ventezo

Register an account and make a deposit


Copy the referral link

You'll find it on Ventezo's "Invite a Friend" page


Send a link to your friends

Share an affiliate link with your friends and get rewarded

Refer a friend program conditions:

1. Every referrer (client who invites a friend) has a unique referral link that can be found in the Partner Area of Client Portal.

2. Only new clients who have registered using a referral link will be counted into program statistics.

3. All clients are eligible to participate in the Refer a Friend program unless already involved in the IB program.

4. In case IB invites a new client using Refer a friend invite link such client will be counted only into Refer a friend program and vice versa.

5. Refer a friend commission is a one time payment amount of 100 USD for one invited friend who has fulfilled the requirements. See the table above for reward payments higher than 100 USD.

6. The commission is paid when a friend complies with all the following conditions/requirements:

  • 6.1. Verification: invited friend should successfully complete profile verification (both Identity and Address of residence);
  • 6.2. Deposit: invited friend should deposit at least a sum of 200 USD as a single or multiple transactions to any real MT4 trading account;
  • 6.3. Trading: invited friend should trade a minimum of 5 standard lots of valid orders.
    Trading volume includes Fx, metals and other available instruments volume and is calculated using the following logic:
    • Fx and metals Volume: 1 lot = 1 lot of any Fx and metals instruments
    • Other Volume: 1 lot = Instrument Value / 100,000 USD
  • 6.4. The commission is paid for valid orders only. The valid order is a trade compliant with all the following conditions:
    • The trade lasted for 180 or more seconds
    • The difference between Open Price and Close Price of the order equals or is more than 30 points (3 pips in 4-digit precision terms)
    • The order was not opened or closed by means of Partial Close and/or Multiple Close by.
  • 6.5. All conditions should be met during 30 days after friend registration.

7. The commission for the previous month is credited at the beginning of the month to the referrer’s Partner account for every friend compliant with all conditions mentioned above.

8. To claim the reward, the Referrer must send an email containing the Referrer UID and Referred Client’s MT4 account number to within 90 calendar days from the date that the Referred Client’s account was activated.

9. The client can transfer the referral commission received from participating in "Refer a friend" program to another trading account or withdraw it (standard rules and rates apply).

10. It is prohibited for the client to refer himself/herself or relatives as friends.

11. The Company reserves the right to exclude the client from the referrers’ list at its own discretion.

12. The Company reserves the right to deactivate the client’s referral link and cancel earned commision in case of fraudulent activities.

13. Any situation not described in these rules shall be subject to the Company's decision.

14. The Company reserves the right to change, update or cancel this program with a notification on the Company news page.