Having an MT4 account you are able to go long or short in US and EU`s stock exchanges. Online trading is closer than you think with a Reliable CFD broker agent.

Trading Products Characteristics

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Trading Products Specification

NameTypical spread (pips)Swaps in margin currency Commission ($) Margin Percenteage
MMM 3M Company 0.03 -2.42 -2.58 50 / mio 5%
ADOBE Adobe Inc 0.03 -3 -6 50 / mio 5%
ALCOA Alcoa Corp 0.04 -0.08 -0.22 50 / mio 5%
ALIBABA Alibaba Group Holding Ltd 0.2 -0.32 -2.55 50 / mio 5%
AMAZON Inc 1.3 -1.99 -21.04 50 / mio 5%
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What Are Shares?

Documents, assets usually issued by a company are called equities or shares. Possessing them you become their owner which, in fact, gives you the right to be one of company's holders. An equity can be either released by a company or bought from the stock market. To obtain a part of the firm or company you need to buy its equities. On the contrary, if you want to get a sum of money from the equities only thing you need is to resell them.

Equity CFDs(contracts for difference), or Stock CFD trading, gives an excellent chance to speculate on the equity price changes of publicly listed corporations traded on stocks such as DAX, FTSE, NYSE and Nasdaq, without the demand of having the underlying equities. You can even benefit from the market environment when it's going bearish.

CFD trading on equities allows traders going long and short on the stocks which could lead to benefitting from a price increase or fall, correspondingly. Ventezo offers equities trading online on famous equities like Amazon, Apple, and Facebook.

Granted the right to dividend payments*

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Buy & Sell the same share at the same time

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